VIDEO: Onlookers Were Waiting For This Iceberg To Flip When It Did Something Unexpected Instead

VIA| There have been some pretty cool videos showing the effects of calving glaciers.

This one, comparably, is on a much smaller scale, but it’s effect is no less mesmerizing.

Jason Griffiths was in Kings Points in Green Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, this week when he saw an iceberg starting to roll over. Grabbing his cellphone, he wrote that he leaned over the balcony and took video of the action.

At first, the iceberg slowly started to rise up, as if it was going to flip over.


But only 20 seconds into the video, there was a large cracking sound and it started to break up.

“Oh my glory,” a woman off camera said.iceberg_1

By 39 seconds, the small iceberg broke, sending a mass of ice into the water with a hissing ripple that rushed toward the shore.

“Get off the beach,” the man filming said.

The wave created by the calving iceberg was actually not too large, but Griffith’s explained that his comment was “directed towards my wife who was on the shore with our two dogs and being from [Ontario, Canada,] has never seen an iceberg before, so she didn’t know what to expect,” he wrote.

Watch the footage: