USA POLITICS TODAY| Ron Paul is most known for his string of runs at the Presidential election as an independent, but he has always been one to speak his mind and not shy away from telling people the hard truths.

That is exactly what he just did with a statement about the incompetence of Congress to do their job in the past years and what they are currently doing to President Trump.

Ron Paul is exactly right. Our Congress has failed to do the full extent of their job for a long time and now they are fighting a President trying to start peaceful negotiations with a country that we have been at odds with throughout history?

Congress should listen to President Trump and stop trying to hamstring any attempts he is making in working with Russia to move forward into the future.

If our two superpowers join forces than we will be able to accomplish anything, especially when both countries along with the rest of the world are under the ever present threat of radical islamic terrorism.

President Trump wants to work with the world to stop terrorism rather than doing nothing like President Obama. In fact, President Obama’s presidency might have been the most detrimental factor in our current state of danger against terrorist attacks.

Congress should listen to the words of Ron Paul and see the reason behind working with Russia.