LIBERATING ELDER – Just when we thought we were out of the woods and the demonic skank that is Hillary Clinton was going to fade away in oblivion, the soulless creature returns seeking to further destroy America. 

Hillary is back to put out a video for the MAKERS woman’s conference.  You would assume she is using the opportunity to tell young girls all about they can achieve anything if they work hand and focus on a goal.   Na, this is Hillary, so naturally she is using the opportunity to further divide the country and undermine the Trump administration in an effort to plunge the nation further into chaos.  In the video she implores all women to resist Trump, not to unify and build a great society together, instead she calls for division.

In the spot Hitlery explains how proud she is of all the miserable single cat women who participated in the ‘woman’s march’ (which was strictly about the right to kill your own children and make sure minorities continue to genocide their future generations.)  She stresses the importance of continuing to fight for woman’s rights that are apparently ‘under attack.’

This clip reminds me of something Trump said yesterday while reading he law he is operating under the authority of to implement travel restrictions for aliens.  Trump said he would love to see a woman President, just not for at least another 7 years!  Conservatives would be very proud to vote for a Woman, but the gender of the candidate takes a back seat to her policies.   If you show me a successful, Pro-Life, free market, limited government female candidate for president you can bet your ass I will vote for her, I don’t care if she is bright purple with 4 arms, if the ideology matches the intent of the Constitution, sign me up!

A few weeks back in an effort to make nice with the Democrats and the Clintons, Trump extended an olive branch and praised Hillary on her campaign how she never gives up.  I knew at the time in my heart this was  huge mistake, when you have an attacker dead to rights you never let up, you never take your foot off their throat, especially when it is someone as powerful, dangerous, evil and vindictive as the Clintons.

This woman is insane and power crazed.  She is on a suicide mission to become dictator of the United States at ANY COST.  She will either end up President, dead or in prison.  It is now up to the Trump administration to keep one final promise, the promise he ran his entire campaign on, restoring the rule of law for EVERYONE and thus, holding Hillary Clinton accountable.