BREAKING: Jorge Ramos Attacks Trump, Gets DEVASTATING News – He’s Going Back to Mexico

WNP| Jorge Ramos is a walking scandal. He viciously attacked President Trump during the campaign. He was such a pest Trump took the extraordinary steps of kicking him out of a press conference.

It made for great political theater and Trump should have done it sooner, but that doesn’t excuse Ramos behavior.

He led the media’s charge against Trump, worked behind the scenes to discredit Trump and anyone associated with him. He invoked racism, xenophobia, and anything else he could find to trash Trump and his millions of supporters.

It was a sick display and left many wondering how he was even in our country and if he hated it why didn’t he leave. He never answered these important questions until now.

Ramos recently said,

“I no longer recognize this country. I’ve always publicly acknowledged that the United States gave me opportunities that Mexico, my country of origin, did not. But decades after I arrived here, the anti-immigrant rhetoric being turned into policy under Donald Trump has made me realize that I just don’t recognize this country anymore.”

“In the early 1980s, moving to the U.S. meant that I could speak freely. As a journalist in Mexico, I was censored. Moreover, the U.S. provided me with a job and economic opportunities that I couldn’t have found anywhere else. With boundless generosity, America protected me and granted me the same rights as any other citizen, even though I was an immigrant. I work here. I vote here. My children were born here.”

“All I want is for new immigrants to enjoy the same opportunities that I—and millions of others throughout American history—have received. But for the moment, Trump is making that impossible.”

And then Ramos goes on to rip President Trump’s immigration plan proving Trump’s point that immigrants, even now citizens like Ramos, are taking advantage of us.

They get welfare the liberals get votes and the conservatives get the check and the crime. Jorge this is the new America, get used to it or go back to Mexico.